MMMUKMAN Moisture Serum 20ml

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Moisturing Face Serum containing Vitamin A, E and Hyaluronate


MMUKMAN  Moisture Serum restores the youth back into your skin.

The skin can easily absorb this silky liquid serum solution. The patented formula includes Vitamins A and E, antioxidants and Sodium Hyaluronate, and anti inflammatory properties. Due to these world class ingredients your skin will be noticeably younger looking.

With consistent use, you will notice your skin appears firmer and more toned.  Fine lines and wrinkles will smooth out and you will find your skin lifts to reveal a healthier complexion. To further enhance the serum it is best to apply before a moisturiser is put on and after toning your skin with a toner.

Benefits Summary:

    • Vitamin A, E, antioxidants and Hyaluronate ingredients.

    • Easily absorbed.

    • Suitable for all skin types.

  • Pump action applicator for no waste.
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