MMUK MAN | Anti-Shine Powder 10g

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High Definition Skin Matifier For Men

Admired and endorsed by many male celebrities, actors and performers alike, MMUK MAN's anti shine powder caters specifically for male skin, which is up to 23% thicker than women's, resulting in more oil secretion and often an unwanted and unfavoured shiny glow. Blot out excess oil for a truly flawless matte finish with this luxury high definition formulation, which most importantly is great for your skin.

Guard against shiny skin with one simple application at the end of your skin care or makeup for men routine. Particularly great at blocking the appearance of shine across your t-zone, counter high oil production in men’s skin with a formula which remains undetectable, even under the trickiest of external conditions.

This product subtlety is intensified further by its transparent finish, unlike other mens anti-shine products, which are coloured, MMUK MAN’s guarantees a perfect finish, regardless of your skin tone. Take out the stress of finding the perfect coloured anti-shine, with a revolutionary design, which uniquely mirrors your own skin tone.

How to Apply: Use your foundation brush to dust all over your face after your tinted moisturiser or foundation. Or use alone - this powder is effective after make up or just moisturiser/


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