MMUK MAN | Eye Brow Pencil For Men

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 Mens Eye Brow Pencil with Blending Brush Attached.


Styling Eye Brow Pencil by MMUKMAN.

MMUK MAN’s hypo allergenic premium quality brow pencil for men is available in two great shades; Blonde and Brown. Each designed to define men’s eye brows, whilst giving them shape and structure, take on board the power of MMUK MAN and yet another specialist product present within our men’s cosmetics collection. This self propelling men’s defining brow pencil also adds a natural hint of colour and texture all day long, allowing for an enhanced and long lasting undetectable finish - perfect for modern gentlemen.

Stylish, sophisticated and streamlined, MMUK MAN’s brow pencil quickly and naturally finds it’s optimum application point, meaning creating your new look is effortless. Simply, glide this brow pencil over your brows to create masculine and more dense arches. As far as eye makeup goes, choose the luxury power of MMUK MAN and achieve a completely natural and eye catching look. Add the Brow Filler Powder for extra definition.

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