MMUK MAN | Men's Age Defender Under Cover Concealer

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Men's Under Cover Age Defender Concealer

Concealer  – This expert men's skincare product is enriched with collagen to plump up and condition you skin.

Conceals imperfections,broken capillaries,wrinkles and fine lines. C Men's Age Defender Under Cover  camouflages redness, scars and blackheads. Reduces puffiness and fatigue. Promotes healthy skin and increases elasticity.

Benefits of the Men's Age Defender Under Cover Concealer - Time reversing collagen provides a natural bounce back and elasticity to the skin. This solution works smartly to deliver the elixir to the skin and the layers underneath.This powerful and aggressive anti-aging formula will conceal all flaws and provide nourishing benefits for you skin.


Use Less, Get More – This Men's Age Defending Under Cover Concealer is estimated to last three months. This long lasting formula really will out combat it’s opponents in every aspect.


Here To Stay -The formula is long lasting and quick drying therefore it does not take long to apply in the morning. 


Application –MMUK MAN’s Concealer can be is applied with your smaller finger and smoothed with a small sponge.or blending brush 

Once the concealer is smoothed in, apply MMUK MAN | BB Cream 40ml 

You are now ready and blemish free.


Choose your Concealer Colour – Offered in 9 colours with two distinct shades – cool or warm tones.

The lower the number the paler the tone.  N4 and N5 are the most popular for Pakeha guys with little tan.

The higher number such as  N7 is perfect when tanned or for Maori and Pacific guys.  The N9 is great for darker skins again. Follow our face montage for an indication or send a photo to us on and we will help you out.

MMUK MAN | Men's Age Defender Under Cover Concealer