Face 4Ward Face Wash Multi Action Face Wash

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Leaves your Face Fresh and Hydrated. 

Get rid of the daily build-up of grime that sits on your skin with our ultra-effective yet extra-gentle men's Multi-Action Daily Face Wash.

The gel formulation gently exfoliates and deeply cleanses to improve skin tone, blemishes and the appearance of pores. This perfect men's cleanser for all skin types, including sensitive skin, will leave your face feeling fresh and hydrated.

• Our multi-action daily face wash is specifically designed to cleanse men’s skin, which is naturally thicker, oiler and more reactive than women’s.

• Formulated with natural ingredients such as Willow Bark Extract and Fruit AHA Complex to gently exfoliate, deep clean pores and target blemishes.

• Suitable for all skin types including sensitive skin.

Willow Bark Extract: Aids cell regeneration to reveal a clearer complexion. A natural source of salicylates can help to clear pores, alleviate acne and even skin tone.

Fruit AHA Complex: Stimulates skin cell renewal. Gently exfoliates to penetrate dead skin cells, smooth skin and improve the appearance of dark spots.

Aquaxyl™: Boosts circulation of moisture throughout all skin layers. As a super hydrator, moisturising and healing benefits protect against damage to your skin barrier.

Fragrance Free: Protects the skins overall health. This acts as an additional assurance for all skin types, because it helps to reduce the likelihood of irritation, sensitivity and reactive flare-ups.


Step 1 Before use, twist open the lid to remove the foil seal and wet the face with water.

Step 2 Apply a coin-size amount of face wash to clean fingertips then gently massage over damp skin using circular motions. Avoid the immediate eye area.

Step 3 Rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water or you can remove the excess with a damp wash cloth.

USAGE: Excess oil? Clogged pores? Irritation? Blemishes? Dead skin? A bar of soap just won’t cut through the dirt. Our daily face wash is designed to improve skin health with one simple step. Suitable for daily use, both Day and Night. Use this cleanser as step 1 of your skincare routine.

Always moisturise after face wash, especially if you have oily skin.

Face 4Ward Face Wash Multi Action Face Wash