Face 4Ward Moisturiser

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Hyaluronic Acid Moisturiser Lightweight Gel 

Looking for zero shine but maximum hydration? Shakeup's Face 4ward Moisturiser replenishes tired skin and targets excess oil, to give men’s naturally oily skin a healthier complexion.

This lightweight gel moisturiser for men sinks instantly into the skin, making dry and dull skin a thing of the past.

Key Features:
• A rich textured cream with a game-changing blend of ingredients that work to nourish and hydrate skin whilst controlling oil and shine.
• Specifically designed for men’s skin, which is naturally thicker, oiler and more reactive than women’s.
• Each 50ml moisturiser is packed with powerful anti-aging hydrating ingredients, such as hyaluronic acid to target wrinkles, fine lines and uneven complexion.
• 100% Vegan. Alcohol and Cruelty Free Formulations. Made in the UK.

Matmarine™ biotech ingredient: Controls your skin’s oil and sebum levels. As a biotechnological active ingredient, it reduces sebum accumulation to improve the appearance of pores and shininess.

Shea Butter: Nourishes, soothes and moisturises your skin. Its anti-inflammatory properties help to calm redness and irritation without leaving a greasy feel.

Glycerin: Improves pigmentation and uneven skin tone. As a humectant, it’s also moisturising whilst protecting against redness and irritation. Making it a perfect addition for men’s sensitive skin.

Hyaluronic Acid: Revitalises and replenishes your skins surface to keep it looking healthy. It is water-holding molecule which means it retains moisture and helps to improve skin texture.


Step 1 Always apply moisturiser to clean dry skin, after cleansing or serum. Twist open the cap and remove the inner lid.

Step 2 Gently dot the moisturiser over your face.

Step 3 Massage thoroughly into your face and neck until blended into your skin.

Step 4 Leave the product on the skin for a few minutes to be fully absorbed before continuing to apply your next product such as bb cream.

USAGE: A light weight, but super hydrating men's moisturiser, designed to deliver a non-greasy and refreshing finish for oily skin, leaving your skin feeling soft and supple. For optimal results, use our moisturiser as part of your daily skincare routine, after face wash, toner and serum, or it can also be used in isolation for a boost of hydration whenever your skin needs it. Suitable for daily use, both Day and Night.


Face 4Ward Moisturiser