MMUK MAN | Beard Mascara 10ml

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Define your Brows and Beard with this Luxurious Mascara.


Beard Styling  Made Easy.

A tinted gel formula that seriously bulks up facial hair, beards and brows, MMUK MAN’s Beard Mascara is the latest addition to our makeup for men line. Designed to tame and style stubborn stubble and facial hair. The Beard styling product will fill in any gaps in both the beard and brows, and due to it's water resistancy will  remain undetected all day long.

Available in three subtle tones, black, brown and clear, Beard Mascara has been designed to simply enhance what you already have.The clear one adds a fix to the brows and plumps up the hair.

Create the illusion of fuller and thicker facial hair with the other two colour options. If you’re a chaser of perfectly even designer stubble, a more conformed beard, or simply a patch free facial forest then this product is well worth adding to your bathroom wish list.

For further filling of brows and beards try the powder filler which is a great compliment to the mascara.

Check out the video from our partners in the UK, but contact us for all inquiries and purchases. We have your products ready to send from here in New Zealand.


MMUK-MAN-Mascara Beard Styling