Matte Finish Light Work Styling Clay by Slick Gorilla

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A Matte Finish Gives Texture with Low to Medium Hold. 

Lightwork creates weightless dimension and body; this hair clay for men is a game-changing product for all hair types and textures that want a fresh look without shine.

The matte finish makes your style look sharp; it’s mouldable, so you can switch it up to create a messy, bed-head look in seconds. It won’t make your hair feel dry or greasy, and we’ve made sure it’s easy to wash out, unlike other clays you’ve tried before.


    • Low to medium hold
    • Vegan
    • Cruelty-free
    • Paraben-free
    • Great for texture
    • Lasts all day.
    • Easy to wash out.
Slick Tip:

‘’Lightwork works perfectly with crops and textured quiffs to make them look less dry; make sure you warm the product in your hands before using it, and apply it all over the hair for an even slick look. ’’ - Sam Bentham, Creative Director.

How To Get The Best Results?

Scoop the clay out, warm it up in your palms until it becomes pliable and apply evenly through your hair.

    • For a wet-look finish: work it into wet hair.
    • For a natural finish: apply to dry hair.

  • For finer details: use a comb or your fingertips to define areas you want to stand out.
Matte Finish Light Work Styling Clay by Slick Gorilla