MMUK MAN | Bronzer For Men 6g

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Mens Bronzer Compact


MMUK MAN's Bronzer For Men is a carefully developed patented formula designed specifically for men.

Suitable for all skin types, MMUK MAN’s bronzer professionally creates a bronzed look and a naturally clean glow whilst being very subtle. By adding a hint of colour to your face after the application of other makeup for men products such as foundation and concealer, you are able to achieve a healthy glow even through winter. Choose a tone which is slightly darker than your natural skin tone,  and you will be able to achieve a toned and tanned look instantly.

The ultra fine powder texture comes with a range of benefits, justifying this male bronzer’s status as one of the best around. Unlike other powder bronzers for men, or if you use women's ( which tends to sit on the face in thicker blotches), MMUK MAN's formula is so refined that it sets deeper within the skin upon application.



Shades –300 and 500.

Shade 300 = Our most popular colour choice which ensures a matte toned finish. Suitable for any skin tone

Shade 500 – A cooler fresher shade designed for a naturally sun kissed facial tone. Look instantly good without breaking boundaries with a natural tone that provides a healthy colour all year round.

How To Apply

• Where to apply: When it comes to where to apply men’s bronzer, a good place to start is along the forehead, down the nose and across the cheeks. By adopting a light brushing method you are really focusing on the parts of your face which would naturally be more prone to tanning following sun exposure.

• Light: Where possible, always apply bronzer in natural light in order to obtain a masculine enriched finish without questions being raised. This allows you to know exactly what looks good and natural in normal day light and to understand exactly how much and where to apply it if you are forced to apply it under artificial light in future.

• Tools: Use a good quality bronzer brush for men. The finer bristles on a bronzing brush assist in a smooth masculine finish

• Amount: Use small amounts at a time, especially to begin with. Don’t be afraid of taking the time and going to and from the compact, applying very small amounts each time. By using such small amounts to begin with, you can control exactly the amount needed. It really is a learning curve but contact us here at Zorilla at for any advise or questions.