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Foundation Stick for Men

It's taken over a year to develop, tweak and perfect and now gentlemen, it’s finally here! Boasting the very best attributes that BB creams for men have to offer, all rolled up into one superior and luxurious daily product, which effortlessly combines natural cosmetic wear, expert skin care and coverage to leave those lingering imperfections, nothing but a distant memory. This all in one cosmetic product completely breaks the grooming boundaries, offering easy, no-fuss skin perfection, thanks to its 5 in 1 action packed formula. Providing an anti-shine finish which doesn’t cake or look in any way feminine, MMUK MAN’s revolutionary BB cream creates the illusion of an enhanced, smooth and imperfection free complexion all day long.
If that wasn’t quite enough gentlemen, this men’s ‘blemish balm’ (BB) cream has been designed to actively tackle the most common facial imperfections present on men’s skin and heal it in the process, allowing for a completely clear, even and healthy skin surface in just a matter of weeks. Target and remove redness, irritated skin, spots, blemishes, rough skin and much more with q simple application of this quick absorbing formula. Built with a hint of colour to cover up such imperfections immediately, allow MMUK MAN to be with you every step of the way as you achieve both your short term and long term grooming goals.
If you continually battle pale, imperfection prone, rough or irritated skin, call in the backup power of our best BB cream for men, which for the first time comes in a choice of shades, to truly match and blend in with your skin tone. Getting ready for a big night out? A date? Or perhaps even a busy day of meetings? Regardless of the occasion, don’t allow your skin to let you down and enjoy the confidence boosting attributes such a cosmetic product for men is able to offer.
MMUK MAN’s 5 in 1 Formula:
Age Defence – MMUK MAN’s BB cream for men offers superior daily skin protection, blocking environmental debris, toxins and impurities from entering the skin. The result? Read between the blurred lines of men’s anti-aging with superior age defence technology present in this master cream and simply look younger for longer. Prevent darkening, sagging and fatigue with a firming product which improves elasticity and overall tone.
Inbuilt Tint – Re-energize dense pore zones with a completely masculine hint of colour to achieve a more radiant and healthier finish. Such radiant coverage is coupled with moisturising and hydrating elements to improve your skin’s surface and actively tackle common facial imperfections and dry skin.
Brightening Enzymes – Brightening catalysts further add radiance and a healthy matte glow to the skin and form millions of microscopic light diffusing shields on the skin’s surface to refract light and minimise the appearance of rough and damaged skin.
Sebum Controlling – Oil absorbing particles combine to create an anti-shine finish and a non-glow surface, characteristics present in many less superior men’s makeup products.
Whitening molecules – Such molecules re-plump stress lines, wrinkles and fine lines on men, creating the appearance of a younger and revitalized complexion. Give your anti-aging regime a real kick start or start off as you mean to go on if you are a younger guy worried about the effects of aging.

Foundation Stick ( or call it solid tinted moisturiser )

  • Easy to use.
  • Pocket size.
  • New Product!


MMUK MAN's brand new for 2020 Foundation Stick is a creamy long-wearing face product that has a wonderful lightweight texture. Helping to even out skin tone, improve the surface of your complexion and create a flawless look.

Cover Up Acne Scars -

Naturally disguise acne, acne scaring, spots, blemishes and rough skin and say bo***cks to the stigma surrounding makeup for men.

This men's foundation stick will leave your skin selfie ready with its transparent base and skin tone correcting pigments that create an incredibly subtle look. Mimicking the look of healthy skin, you can apply this product all over or just in the areas where your skin needs a boost. Its medium to full coverage is achieved effortlessly - helping to give you a real-life filter!

After moisturising, lightly apply this male cosmetic product across your forehead, cheeks, nose and chin, before blending in with your fingertip, blending oblong sponge or foundation brush.

It's also ideal for camouflaging sun spots, dark circles, damaged capillaries, moles, eye bags, wrinkles and freckles.

Size - 15g

Available in N7 only right now - balance colours coming soon!