Organic Shaving Soap in a Handcrafted Ceramic Bowl.

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Organic Shaving Soap for a Cleaner Shave. Perfect for blemish prone skin.


Cedarwood and Lime Organic Shaving Soap for the Perfect, Sting free Shave.

Our Cedarwood & Lime Shaving Bar is made with luxurious oils for a classic and creamy lather and bentonite clay for enhanced razor glide. It protects and softens leaving skin smooth and moisturised. Scented with fresh and woody essential oils. Combine our Cedarwood & Lime Shaving Bar with hot water and a shaving brush to whip up a luxurious creamy lather.

All this comes in a beautiful handcrafted bowl. Great for your skin. Great for the planet ! We recommend using a good brush and apply with a circular motion on the skin. Use hot water to get the most of the creamy soap.