We were sick of limited options for men's products. The bottom shelf in the pharmacy, the token gesture of offerings unless you want to spend a fortune. The options for an aluminium free deodorant were just about non existent. So we created a range of deodorants that were easy to apply, highly effective, aluminium free and smell how WE wanted to smell. All day.

We wanted a product that was easy to use, but also trying to limit the landfill we made them refillable. We needed a formula that could be applied through armpit hair, and found so many on the market gave an armpit wax free with every swipe! Our colognes were created to confront the ridiculously over priced, over packaged international perfume industry, as well as of course smelling amazing, long lasting and produced in small batches here in New Zealand.

And the old question... Why are we called Zorilla? It just so happens the Zorilla African Polecat is the smelliest in the world, and we love the irony. So many brands use names of the big cats ( we all remember Lynx...) But just like the size of our country, we believe you do not need to be big, to be great. We kind of like his black and white slick markings as well.... mainly the black.

To sum it up, our mission is: Normalise all products for men, and just make choices easy. Offer aluminium free deodorants formulated for men ( and hairy armpits..) Own the market of the best cologne and deodorant for men, made here in New Zealand. Don't take stuff too seriously. We are only here once.

The Zorilla polecat is the smelliest polecat in the world!

We love the irony in choosing this as weproduce the BEST SMELLING  products formen. We see you Jaguar, Lynx, Puma... Do not need to be big and dynamic  to be powerful!