Our Story

Zorilla is here to help all men be the best they can be.


Zorilla produce solid colognes here in New Zealand. Taking on the dominant player in this market, our colognes smell amazing and last ages. They are made using NZ beeswax and Pacific Island coconut oil and either fragrance oil , or essential oils.

To add to our colognes, our natural deodorants are also produced locally and contain no nasties, do not stain, they work incredibly well and you can even buy a refill.

Men’s cosmetics is only a part of our business but it is one in which we believe is the most important to send the message there should be no gender rules where any product is concerned. Our products are packaged, not in a hand grenade style container, but are just slick and clean. And above all, great products for men to wear. The skin needs are the difference, with men’s skin being thicker and producing more sebum (oil).

Our vision for Zorilla is to offer a focused, complete range of everything a guy would need to put his best face forward. We strive to not use overtly masculine language as those days are gone. Things do not need to have war or super rambo and macho terms to be a great product. We offer who we consider to be the best brand for each niche, and produce colognes and deodorants under the Zorilla Brand.