Welcome to New Zealand’s No.1 Kiwi-made men’s skincare brand. After more than 2 decades as an expert in high-end fashion menswear, (watching average Kiwi blokes evolve from stubbies and black singlets to high fashion style), Helen Thomas became increasingly frustrated that there were no equivalent premium-quality NZ-made fragrances to match. So, in classic Kiwi-style, Helen decided to do something about it. Our in-house team of top local grooming experts were tasked with creating a range of natural skincare and fragrances uniquely crafted for the men of Aotearoa. Zorilla was born!
Why are we called Zorilla? It just so happens the Zorilla Polecat is the smelliest in the world, and we just love the irony. We also love the black and white fur of this wild critter. Mainly the black. We are proud and passionate New Zealanders after all.
Today Zorilla offer a range of the finest solid colognes, deodorants, beard care and skincare, so well-dressed Kiwi men can now feel and smell amazing as well. We pride ourselves on our local hand-crafted fragrances that are matches to many of the finest eau de parfum brands in the World, but with our unique twist using natural Kiwi ingredients like Manuka oil. And our deodorants are refillable and aluminium-free, because we care about our environment as much as we care about men smelling
great, so if we can have a smaller carbon footprint, we will.
We have also scoured the World to source the best quality beard-care, shaving gear and skincare, to complement our fragrance range and ensure Kiwi guys can get all they need to look and smell sensational in one place.
Zorilla has already appeared in British GQ for our solid colognes and we were stoked to feature on local TV as part of The Apprentice Aotearoa 2021. Five brands were chosen from hundreds to be included in one of the challenges for the teams to sell the most they could at The Go Green Expo Auckland. Thanks to TVNZ1 for sharing Zorilla products with Kiwis around New Zealand. Zorilla is now stocked in numerous stores around New Zealand, France, Tahiti and Australia.

The Apprentice Aotearoa 2021

Smashed it Team Mana

The Zorilla polecat is the smelliest polecat in the world.

We love the irony in choosing this as we produce the BEST SMELLING products for men. We see you Jaguar, Lynx, Puma... Do not need to be big and dynamic to be powerful!