Beard Comb for the Perfectly Sculpted Beard

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Make it your routine. Comb your beard daily after using oil or balm ( or both! ) 

Keep that Beard Tamed with Zorilla's High Performing Beard Comb.

Zorilla selected The GB Kent & Sons Limited for the finest, and still hand made combs for the comb we believe to be the best.

The Company was established in 1777 ( 25 years before the invention of the bicycle or the train ! ) .

Our Handmade all fine beard and moustache comb is made from large sheets of Cellulose Acetate rather than being moulded. This material is tactile, flexible and strong.

Our Kent combs have rounded teeth which ensure a smooth and comfortable action, that glides effortlessly through the hair without scratching or damaging the beard hair

Best used when applying oil or before applying balm.