Best Smelling Cologne and Deodorant Ex

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Zorilla's Best Smelling Cologne and Aluminium Free Deodorant for Men

Ex is inspired by L’ Eau D’ Issey Miyake Pour Homme Issey Miyake Pour Homme is a very bright scent. It radiates a feeling of sunshine on a spring or summer day. It is wonderfully complex, it is dominated by citrus, then comes spice, and then the musky and woody base.

Scent Family :  Woody/ Aquatic Scent

    • Travel friendly.
    • Reapply throughout the day completely unnoticed.
    • Longer lasting than Liquid Cologne.
    • The Solid Cologne Tin is not going to smash if you throw your gym bag around.
    • It does not leak or melt ( unless left in a hot car for hours...)
    • Costs a fraction of the cost of Liquid Cologne.
    • It does not contain any alcohol which can cause irritation to skin

Made in New Zealand

The 11 gram tin comes presented in a book style box, perfect for gifting.

The tin is opened with a sliding motion. Totally addictive to slide open and closed......

 To Apply:

Rub the wax to soften before applying to behind ears, wrists, or wherever you wish! Easy.

Aluminium Free Deodorant for Men to Eliminate Odour.

Zorilla's Ex Deodorant is a blend of natural essential oils and a small amount of the Ex Solid Cologne formula. The Ex Deodorant contains a formula that can aid the reduction of sweat and bacteria which cause odour. A deodorant for men which works with your body to neutralise body odour whilst allowing your body to still perspire and release toxins. 

The BPA Free push up stick lasts 4 months, thereby helping to reduce waste.  When stick is almost finished - simply place the new block into the stick and lower it down .



Hold onto armpit for ten seconds before swiping to soften the product for easy glide.
Wait for armpits to dry for a few seconds before dressing.

 Ingredients: Coconut Oil, New Zealand Beeswax, Jojoba Oil, Tapioca Starch, Aluminium-free Sodium Bicarbonate,  Tea Tree Oil, Spanish Sage Essential Oil,  Vitamin E, probiotics and fragrance.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews Write a review
Best Smelling Cologne and Deodorant Ex