You Aluminium Free Deodorant for Men Inspired by Valentino's Intense

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You Deodorant Is a Warm and Fuzzy Scent with the Chocolatey Finish. 

You is inspired by Valentino’s Uomo Intense, a seductive oriental woody fragrance with refined notes of leather and oud. It has the warmth and intense power of vanilla. Leather and oud stretch the scent in two directions, expanding its dimensions and giving it a chocolatey finish. Available as a cologne and a deodorant.

Scent Family : Between Spicy and Woody Scent

The deodorant can be refilled and lasts up to 4 months. The natural ingredients will combat odour whilst allowing you to sweat. ( a good thing ) 

To Apply:  Warm on the skin before a quick swipe on clean, dry armpits. Our formula is not dry and gritty like some natural deodorants, so can penetrate even super hairy armpits to reach the skin. Do not over apply.